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The Number One Article on Dreams Essay Topics

The Number One Article on Dreams Essay Topics If you get a strong desire to accomplish your dreams, then it will boosts your self-confidence and will assist you in solving a number of the worst stages of your life. Surrounding yourself with those who believe in your dreams and motivate you to work hard to attain the exact same is a great way to remain motivated. To me, they are the most important part of living. This dream is supposed to occur when you're experiencing low self-esteem or too little self-confidence, or whenever you're going through a present situation in which you truly feel powerless! While it is necessary to have high standards and lofty goals they ought to be realistic and doable to prevent disappointment. Our country was once famous for its rich cultural heritage that is all robbed now. The crime rate in the nation is at an all-time rise and so are various different troubles. There are many problems in the nation like poverty, illiteracy and casteism to mention a couple. New Questions About Dreams Essay Topics Writing an essay on Dreams may be an overwhelming endeavor to take on. Fortunately, Buckingham and the remainder of the group provedn't dissuaded by any first reservations McVie had about Dreams. Dreams are our guide all we have to do is follow. Dreaming for big goals are extremely important and they are able to even be dreams that change the duration of your whole life. Dreaming is similar to climbing a mountain. Dreams are occasionally confusing and surprising. They may be real or imaginary. They may simply be the means to unbury hidden emotions that you hadn't dealt with. Up in Arms About Dreams Essay Topics? These dreams usually happen when you're extremely concerned about the approaching day and you wish to be fully ready to face the challenge. Cancer is still a significant disease in many nations. Sleep isn't entirely quiescent. Brain is a rather interesting and distinctive issue to study about. Let's make it even more interesting. Dream is what you would like to do for your future. Winter Dreams signifies more than the simple comprehension of the title. Dreams are so atypical that scientists believe they have a critical intent. With enough research, you can end up discovering a link between them both. At this point you have five unique topics to compose a paper on. Sensory details are the trick to engaging with the audience an d it is imperative to have as many as are relevant. Language is, clearly, important but one must go deeper and make certain that readers feel emotionally connected in addition to appreciate the subject's significance. Dream has lots of meaning and types. Introduction Dreams play a critical part in shaping our future. Regardless of what's happening, I write. Just be certain that it is something which you require, not just something which you desire in the brief term. You should have your reasons, and our primary concern is that you wind up getting an excellent grade. Commonly, individuals daydream when they're alone, relaxed, or inside a boring place or subject, or only going to fall asleep. Choosing Dreams Essay Topics Is Simple Thus, it's possible that melatonin does indeed have a positive influence on sleep, although the benefits may change from individual to individual. You do not have to be worried that you've got wet the bed. In a wet dream, there isn't any touch of the penis that results in the stimulation of orgasm and so semen coming out. You will feel like you're hyper-aware throughout sleep, resulting in very little deep sleep and the majority of light sleep or REM sleep. Figure out what are the considerable significance of the customary dream. Keep in mind is among the older architectures, and artifacts are somewhat more pronounced. You don't post your worst day on social networking and straight away get plenty of thumbs up. TV has become the most engaging medium. The Dreams Essay Topics Game Those individuals, who don't have any cherished dreams, despite the fact that they will never be in a position to make it come true, appear to be deprived of something special, just enjoy those folks, who lack a feeling of humor. Some individuals are often quite talkative and they frequently like to tell about their very own life. After a day or two, recall needs to be easier. There's no accurate answer as to the reason why people dream. Still it didn't break the friendship. To dream that you're murdered suggests that some important and significant relationship was severed. After discovering our website, you will no longer will need to bother friends and family with these kinds of requests. If you are in possession of a good friend that you may confide in, speak to them.

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Analysis of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Essay example

Analysis of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen It centers on the elder sisters of the Bennet family, Jane and Elizabeth. Their personalities, misunderstandings and the roles of pride and prejudice play a large part in the development of their individual relationships. The spirited Elizabeth and softhearted Jane have to deal with not only their own feelings but also the status of their family, both of which affect the outcomes of their marriages. The struggle is very believable and realistic because the story takes place a long time ago. The way people interact with each other today is quite different than how they would interact with each other back then. Pride and Prejudice is an appropriate name for the book. These notions†¦show more content†¦The roles of pride and prejudice can be summed up in the exchange between Darcy and Elizabeth, after he proposed. Darcy clearly defines the reasons for his prejudice: Could you expect me to rejoice in the inferiority of your connections? To congratulate myself on the hope of relations whose condition in life is so decidedly beneath my own? Elizabeths prejudice against him withstood even as her pride did not, under his assault on her family. Her opinion of him from the very beginning impressed her with the fullest belief of (his) arrogance, (his) conceit, and (his) selfish disdain of the feelings of others. Elizabeth Bennet is a spirited character. She has a playful and light-hearted disposition. She is confident, loyal, clever and funny. She found delight in anything ridiculous, which included an insult to her beauty. Her loyalty and devotion to her sister was shown in her three-mile trek to Bingleys house so early in the day and in such dirty weather, to visit her while she was ill. Elizabeth is also more a septic. This particular quality in evident in the surprise she expresses in her sisters tendency to look at people through rose coloured glasses. She is quite frank and very honest even though she occasionally professed opinions which in fact are not (her) own. She expresses her feeling regardless of the commotion that it may cause and more often than not, forShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen862 Words   |  4 PagesPride and Prejudice: Analysis Jane Austen’s â€Å"Pride and Prejudice† novel is a humorous portrayal of the social atmosphere and it’s principally concerned with courtship rituals of the English culture of the early 19th century. The beloved love stories between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy brings awareness to the obstacles that they must overcome of the social hierarchy within themselves as well as the outside world. The initial meeting of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet is set in a public ball. TheRead MoreAnalysis Of Jane Austen s Pride And Prejudice 2405 Words   |  10 PagesChapter 2 Elizabeth Bennet - Analysis â€Å"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.† This opening sentence from Pride and Prejudice reflects the ideals of the age when it was written. Jane Austen wrote about the societal norms and the mindset of the general public through the medium of a family with five daughters, the Bennets. Elizabeth Bennet, the second of the daughters is the one who is different, and the protagonist ofRead MoreAnalysis Of Jane Austen s Pride And Prejudice1313 Words   |  6 Pagesdaughters as quickly as possible and to the wealthiest man who proposed. Women followed the societal norms and did not marry for love, but instead married young and hopefully to an affluent man to avoid any judgement from society. In Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Austen illustrates her disapproval of women who conform to the societal norms for marriage by demonstrating how their marriages are eventually unhappy. The feminist theory examines the imbalance between genders within personal relationshipsRead MoreAnalysis of Jane Austen ´s Pride and Prejudice607 Words   |  2 Pages Pride and Prejudice was written by Jane Austen, she was born in 1775 and died in 1817. Austen published: Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, and Emma in her life time and Northanger Abbey and Persuasion were published within a year of her death. Pride and Prejudice is a book about four marriages. Along with the four marriages, by the end of the book the readers see how the characters develop. Mr. Bennet and Mrs. Bennet are married and have five daughters: Jane, ElizabethRead MoreAnalysis Of Jane Austen s Pride And Prejudice 1062 Words   |  5 Pagesthis character is capable of making the others smile and laugh. In Pride and Prejudice, Jane Bennet acts as this type of light source. She stays positive in almost every situation. She looks for the best in every individual and is rarely negative, even when those around her are. Throughout the novel, Jane Austen exposes the reader to Jane’s bubbly and positive personality and allows the reader to form an accurate opinion on Jane. Austen creates Jane’s optimistic, trusting and generous personality throughRead MoreAnalysis Of Jane Austen s Pride And Prejudice 1089 Words   |  5 Pages Jane Austen was a brilliant author from the Victorian period. The comedic satire books he wrote were nothing less than genius. Her perception of human character is outstanding and it is very prevalent in his material. Specifically speaking, the characters in his piece, â€Å"Pride and Prejudice†, were extremely complex in both action and thought. Whether she purposely developed the characters that way or unconsciously wrote about them using her own understanding of human character, the characters areRead MoreAnalysis Of Jane Austen s Pride And Prejudice Essay1434 Words   |  6 Pagesamong many, literature became one of the most important arts in the world and a well-read person was recognized as educated and intelligent. When one acknowledges this fact, it is necessary to question why the introductory sentence in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is one of the most recognized sentences in literature today. Oftentimes, one need only to start the sentence, â€Å"It is a truth universally acknowledged,† before someone else will finish it and a discussion of Austen’s brilliant tale willRead MoreEssay on Jane Austen Novels: Success After Death1679 Words   |  7 PagesJane Austen Novels: Success after Death Chuck Leddy, a notable critic, stated Upon her death in 1817, English novelist Jane Austen was completely unknown in the literary world. Why would someone as brilliant as Jane Austen not be world known? By 1817, Austen had already published one of her masterpieces Sense and Sensibility, and it seemed to not bring in as much success as it would later on in life. But the dry spell would eventually end. Two hundred years after Jane Austens death, her booksRead MorePride Prejudice Literature Analysis1311 Words   |  6 PagesLiterature Analysis 2 The most difficult part of creating a masterpiece is the actual process of writing or composing it, one highly overlooked difficulty of the job of the creator is the development of a suitable title. In just a few words, an effective title gives the audience a basic idea of what they are about to spend their time reading about. Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is an example of a novel with such a title that is very significant in the development of the story. As the readerRead More An Analysis of Characters in Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice1662 Words   |  7 PagesAn Analysis of Characters in Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice An author will often give his or her work a title that reflects the overall theme or meaning of the piece-this is certainly the case in Jane Austens novel Pride and Prejudice. A title may set the mood or describe a situation which otherwise might require several paragraphs to develop. Pride and Prejudice is a combination of humor, irony, and twists of events. Austen entitles her work Pride and Prejudice to emphasize subtly the

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Narrative Story - 1012 Words

Shabana Rahaman # of Words: 1016 Derek Brown # of Pages: 3 October 19th 2011 For the Love of Money It was just another long and boring day at work. There I was, shuffling three packs of fifty-two card decks. I did that for about ten minutes, and still no casino players showed up to my Black Jack table. I didn’t expect anything else; morning shifts were usually pretty dead. Eventually, people slowly started joining the game and before I knew it, it was 6 p.m. and Karisa was already waiting outside for me. Karisa and I were best friends for ten years since high school and we carpool every night since she works at the daycare centre†¦show more content†¦Leaving the casino that night, Karisa and I were upset we lost over five thousand dollars in chips. It was such an easy mission, but it was even easier to lose. Karisa and I were determined to do it again with no flaws, and we attempted to the following night. We couldn’t go back to the same casino, so we drove an hour up North. We executed the same plan, and headed to the washroom. We q uickly changed in separate stalls and when we came out, there they were, two female police cops. â€Å"Put you’re hands behind your back† the taller cop said to the both of us. We both shivered with freight as reality hit us. In my mind I thought what did I get myself into? This was definitely not worth it. She read us our rights and we were arrested that night. Our trial took place the following day. All I could think about was you. We both plead guilty and were sentenced to ten years imprisonment for theft over five thousand dollars. And to you, my son, I wrote you this letter so you know exactly what happened to your Mother. If I could go back to fix things, I would. I got caught up in revenge and money. I want to warn you of your actions because every action has a consequence. I hope you can learn from me and forgive me for what I put you through. LoveShow MoreRelatedThe Use of Narratives and Its Effect on Stories747 Words   |  3 PagesThe Use of Narratives and Its Effect on Stories The use of narrative view are important for an author. It determines how the reader interpret the story and ultimately understanding the theme. In the work of â€Å"Hills Like White Elephant† Ernest Hemingway uses third person objective point of view to present the conflict of a young couple over the difficult decision of whether to have an abortion. In comparison to Hemingway’s work, â€Å"Great Falls† by Richard Ford, tells the story of the breakdown ofRead Morenarrative perspective on a very short story by ernst hemingway1086 Words   |  5 PagesShort Story; Analyzed through a Narrative Perspective Often times, in the heat of the moment, we are blinded by what is real and what is just an illusion. At the same time this could be as a result of one’s maturity vs. immaturity. This story by Ernst Hemingway portrays what seemed to be real love by the American solider and the European nurse however, turned out to be lust because of a lack of maturity, hegemony and quench for power. This short story will be analyzed through a narrative perspectiveRead MoreNarrative Modes Within Perfume: the Story of a Murderer819 Words   |  4 Pagesin Literature I Professor Murdock 25 April 2012 Narrative Modes Within Perfume: The Story of a Murderer In his novel Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, Patrick Sà ¼skind chooses third person narration to tell the story of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille. And though Grenouille is the character at which the story is based upon, we are also taken through the minds and actions of other characters through the unlimited knowledge of an omniscient narrative voice. By seeing and smelling the world through Grenouille’sRead MoreNarrative Psychology Focuses on the Ways People Use Stories to Understand the World863 Words   |  3 PagesNarrative Psychology: Narrative psychology builds upon broad interdisciplinary and scholarly basics that extend into the humanities as well as the social and natural sciences. Psychologists who come from more outdated arenas of psychological study are challenged with significant obstacles when moving toward narrative approaches: there are multiple spheres of knowledge that relate to narrative but may be totally unfamiliar to them. At least three basic areas which narrative psychologists can discoverRead MoreThe Characters and Narrative Development in the Stories of Charles Dickens and H.G. Wells1224 Words   |  5 PagesThe Characters and Narrative Development in the Stories of Charles Dickens and H.G. Wells In the 19th Century there was a great facination about the supernatural and also a huge incrase in the number of literate people. This became a time where people would often hold psychic readings and seances in their homes. Short stories of the supernatural were featured in newspapers and were very popular at this time. The story The Signalman is all about a man who works at aRead MoreNarrative Of The Disappearing, Native American, By Thomas King, The Truth About Stories1532 Words   |  7 Pageswill be titled, â€Å"Stories: Their Influence and Power.† This class will focus on how stories have the abilities to change people’s lives, and will especially focus on the context of stories in the lives of Native Americans. This class is extremely important because it will give students insight into not only Native stories, but into their own stories and how their lives have been impacted by them. This class will focus around excerpts from the book by Thomas King, The Truth About Stories, and circulateRead MoreCompare and Contrast the Narrators in Gullivers Travels and Frankenstein, the Narrative Methods, and the Effects of These Different Ways of Telling a Story in Gullivers Travels and Frankenstein.1595 Words   |  7 PagesCompare and contrast the narrators in Gulliver’s Trave ls and Frankenstein, the narrative methods, and the effects of these different ways of telling a story in Gulliver’s Travels and Frankenstein. Ravee Chen S2 English H Dr.Freisen 8 April 2010 Word count: 1491 Why do authors use different types of narrators? Jonathan Swift and Mary Shelly have both chosen a first-person narrator in their novels Gulliver’s Travels and Frankenstein. In Gulliver’s Travels theRead MorePersonal Narrative : A Story?1932 Words   |  8 Pages Maybe she isnt like us, maybe she is j-Ow Jules dont hit me there! a unfamiliar male voice groaned in pain Shut up Max. I saw it , Liz saw it, we all saw it a recognizable female voice retorted back, it was the girl from the bonfire, Juliette That doesnt mean you have to punch me in my no-no square, you could have just disagree with me like any other normal person in this pack the male voice replied back There voices were a whisper but every passing seconded the volume of there voicesRead MoreHow To Write A Story Of The Narrative : A Story?1135 Words   |  5 Pages â€Å"Midnight and Barry! Im so glad that you both agreed to join in my research,† Professor Rowan said, clearly pleased. He turned towards me and stated, â€Å"I know that youre journeying to train up a team, after all, youre going to be working with Riley, perilous job, but I’m glad that youll also be working with me.† He stepped forward, his lab coat trailing behind him. He rolled up the sleeves of his baby blue knit sweater. â€Å"I appreciate you assisting me in receiving a starter and helping youRead MorePersonal Narrative Story Short Story1619 Words   |  7 PagesSarah and Roger with their twins, Jules and Kendra. All of us cousins were very close in age. Stewart was the eldest, at age fourteen he was four years older than the youngest but he still hung out with us on the beach after dark. He had the best stories out of all of us. Andrew and I were the next oldest, six months apart in age in fact. The twins and Eric were the youngest. I remember the twins had just celebrated their 12th birthday that earlier that summer, while Eric’s birthday wasn’t until

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Corporate Social Responsibility Of IKEA - Sample & Solution

Question: Discuss about theCorporate Social Responsibility of IKEA. Answer: Introduction Corporate Social Responsibility means those business practices which involve initiatives that result into some benefits to the society. CSR of any business can encompass variety of tactics from changing the companys proceeds related to charity and work to implement business operations that are greener (Caramela, S, 2016). CSR is becoming more main stream as it helps the company to think forward and maintain sustainability into the core of their business. CSR may not provide immediate benefits to the company but it surely promotes positive environmental and social change (Paetzold, K, 2010). It is just a broad term to describe the efforts of a company to improve the condition of the society. In this report the Corporate Social Responsibility of IKEA is discussed to know the importance and challenges that takes places at the time of implementing such practices. The Swedish company termed as a furniture giant is a company that is based on value services. This company has received an acclaim both in Sweden and abroad because of its bad CSR policies. The most striking thing is that despite of its aggressive focus cost cutting, it comes under a leading company when related with the CSR issues. IKEA is interested in promoting cheap products and it becomes difficult for other companies to integrate their business activities with IKEA. Economical Responsibility The first criterion of corporate social responsibility is the economic responsibility (Schwartz, M, 2011). IKEA is engaged in providing products and services that societies seek, in order to maximize profit for the owners and shareholders of the company (Ikea.greentechab.com, 2015). Milton Friedman who is a Nobel economist proposed that now the economic responsibility is considered to be a profit maximization responsibility for IKEA. This says that the company should operate on a profit oriented basis with a mission to enhance the companys profit. In general, the profit making goals of the company is not considered to be an inadequate criterion of performance. The company treated economic gain to be a social responsibility and this is what brought troubles for the company. Ethical Conduct of IKEA The vision of IKEA is to create a better life for many people. The business supports this by providing a wide range of home furnishing products at a lower price that are well designed so that people can afford them and fulfil their needs. The company is focusing only in making profits and forgets to maintain an ethical balance of their business activities. IKEA was recently exposed of practicing unethical practices (Wadsworth, M, 2015). The suppliers use exploitative child labour and also involved in illegal logging which has the potential to destroy protected forests. IKEA has always been a part of ethical controversies since its early days. Recently the company has been investigated for promoting child labour. Discretionary Responsibility Discretionary responsibility means voluntary contribution made by the organization to make social contributions which are not mandated by ethics, economic and laws. This kind of activities generally includes philanthropic contributions that are truly generous and offers no payback to the company and could not even expect so. It is one of the highest criterions of CSR as it is beyond the expectation of the society that can contribute to the welfare of the society. IKEA should understand the interest of various groups who are associated with the business such as of the shareholders, customers, employees, creditors and the suppliers. IKEA products are manufactured under working conditions that is acceptable. It also deals in products that are sold for low price so that general public can accomplish their desires. This group of company strongly believes that healthy, safe and non discriminating conditions are prerequisites for conducting business (Ukessays.com, 2015). IKEA owns a special code of conduct that solves the queries of suppliers and promotes smooth functioning of supply chain in the company. IKEA should ensure the compliance of laws and policies enforced by the government, and to avoid the influence of politics in its conduct. IKEA believes that consideration of responsibility for the environment and society in its business conduct is mainly for the sustainability of the business. It has many managers who are working constantly to fulfil its social and environmental responsibility. There are a number of specialists who covers a wide range of areas to support IKEAs business activities, such as foresters, chemical experts and energy experts. Sustainable Plan for IKEA to Improve its Social Responsibility IKEA has been practicing some form of corporate social and environmental responsibility having a broad goal that simply contributes to the well being of the society. Despite of this there is an increasing pressure to modify their CSR process so as to create business discipline and to fulfil demand that is usually initiated in delivering business activities. Too much of want to promote CSR sometimes shifts the main focus and goal of the company. Therefore to avoid such problems it is essential to develop an efficient CSR plan so that IKEA can maintain a balance between the objectives of the company and to serve the society and community. Even if IKEA embrace the broad vision of CSR, due to poor coordination and lack of logical connection they get hampered. The internal managers of IKEA should actively engage themselves to develop the CSR programs in a coordinated way. IKEA can maximize the positive activities on the environmental and social systems in which they operate. According to the research the geographic and business spectrum states that the company has three types of practice. Focusing on Philanthropy It is not designed to produce profits or simply to improve business performance. Like donation of money, engagement with community initiatives, equipment to civic organizations and to support the volunteering by the employees. Improving Operational Effectiveness The business model of the company should deliver environmental and social benefits to support the business operations in the value chain to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in the conduct. IKEA should realise their responsibility towards the society and should take initiative to reduce the uses of resources that is to make optimum utilization of the resources as it may result in a favourable situation by reducing the cost. The employee working conditions should be improved, there should be some investment made by the company for health care and education of their employees who can gain some knowledge about the ethical practices and social responsibility. IKEA can enhance its productivity and also increase its reputation by improving their operational effectiveness. Transforming the Business Model IKEA should form new form of business keeping in mind various social and environmental challenges that can also bring improved performance. There is always a requirement of initiative in the business, therefore by taking certain initiatives the company can reorganize their conducts and activities that are socially and environmentally improved. In terms of their suppliers, IKEA should develop a number of standards to maintain an ethical code of conduct among its suppliers. It is an urgent need for IKEA to make their suppliers realise that they should not use forced or child labour. The suppliers should among themselves assign one or more person who should be responsible to take care of such unethical practices (Larsen, T, 2007). The suppliers of IKEA shall also comply with the internal audit of every 12 months. Working conditions is another area which requires improvement in IKEA. Among the set standards limit the working hours of labours up to 60 hours per week. The forestry standards should ensure that the suppliers are not using the wood that has been obtained from those forests that comes under the protected forests. It should establish certain provisions in this context. Suppliers should not source wood from those forests by making illegally harvests; suppliers should not engage themselves in any kind of forest related conflicts. Suppliers should not source wood from the Intact Natural Forests. The source from commercial genetically modified planted trees should be prohibited by the company. A supplier sustainability index should be made to ensure all these things (Johnsen, T, Howard, M and Miemczyk, J, 2014). Corporate Governance Presently the corporate governance of IKEA is a serious issue. We all know that IKEA has pride of having a strong corporate responsibility, despite of this the company allowed the East German political prisoners to participate in the manufacturing of its furniture (Werther, W and Chandler, J, 2010). Even though this happened many years ago, but still this question arises whenever IKEAs name is linked with human rights (Pedersen, E, 2015). It is a fact that the company promoted such illegal conduct and it creates a bad image for the company. IKEA should completely stay away from such practices if they want to maintain sustainability in their existence and to practice CSR effectively. Due to such commitments it becomes difficult for the company to implement plan to avoid such activities. IKEA should keep its main focus on the quality of the product, as we know they offer products at a lower price (Edvardsson, B and Enquist, B, 2008). But that doesnt mean they can play with the quality of their products. There was a scandal that occurred in this company that the company was engaged in offering meatballs which was made of horse meat. After a serious investigation was disclosed that they imposition is true and the company had to suffer many lose. IKEA should promise quality products to the customers to create trust among them. IKEAs structure is totally complex. The management structure should be redeveloped to solve this problem. As it a non- profit firm it is also being criticised of having such non-profit policies only to exempt from tax. IKEA should try to remove such allegations. Advantages for Integrating Sustainability Portfolio into the IKEAs Strategy Over past years, sustainability has proved to be more important as compared to other objectives in an organization. Sustainability has business benefits when it is integrated with the operations of the business (Rogers, M, 2016). Some of the advantages for practicing CSR that can help IKEA to plan the strategy of the company are as follows: Improved Brand Image and Competitive Advantage Over its Rivals In a research it was developed that the customers strongly considers IKEAs impact on the environment while making purchases from the company. The customers now want to know the social responsibility that the company is carrying and then make purchases (Stefanska, M, Nestorowicz, R and Stefaska, M, 2015). Now consumers favour those companies that are actively successful in supporting their communities and whether the company is doing well in doing well. Increase Productivity CSR practices in an organization while bring increase in productivity as it creates alertness and confidence among the employees to perform their task keeping in view the policies and rules that the company has implemented for its CSR policies. Reduce Costs Development of sustainability will certainly lead to efficient operation that can conserve resources and thus reduce cost (Werther, W and Chandler, J, 2010). Reduction in cost will encompasses conservation strategy related to the energy that can be done by simply turning lights off when not need and switch on when needed. Attract Investors and Employees IKEA should improve their CSR policies to attract more investors and employees. Usually people like to associate with the positive that too the younger generation who are very much concerned with the environmental protection issues these days (Smith, N, 2010). They only want to link with those companies who are free from such CSR issues and social welfare scandals. Therefore to attract young generation IKEA should start focusing on its CSR issues and try to develop new plane to solve such issues (Wolf and Ruth, 2014). Make Shareholders Happy Sustainability is not only associated with low costs, it can also bring profits. It was found out those companies having high ratings in environmental, governance and social factors have been successful in outperforming the market in both the medium and long term range. (Knudsen, B, Christensen, D and Blenker, P, 2014). It takes dedication and coordination to apply sustainability in the business activities. Challenges Faced by IKEA Some business has to face certain barriers in integrating sustainability and CSR in its general practices. IKEA has been facing all these challenges; Senior Support To become a sustainable business it is essential for the senior level management to support such CSR policies in order to maintain sustainability in its social practices and business operations (Mosher, M, 2016). The senior level governance should conduct meetings and discuss such problems on a regular basis. As they are the one who has to make responsibility decisions and initiate CSR policies. Employee Engagement It is important to initiate positive change that will help in bringing a greater success if the employees feel proud and if they keep themselves engaged in practicing such positive activities (Purrit, J, 2012). Cost Fundamentally, all businesses have been designed to enhance profit and make money (Idowu, S and Filho, W, 2008). Therefore, introducing initiatives that are sustainable in nature usually tends to cost a lot. It becomes a bit expensive to formulate and work on promoting CSR practices. Metrics A regulatory body can easily measure the effectiveness of any plan and practices. But without such regulatory body it becomes a way to difficult. It often becomes challenging as it tends to affect the society at macro level that cannot be quantified. Suppliers Supplier identification is another challenge that IKEA often comes across. It becomes to find suppliers who can match the business needs of the company. And it also becomes difficult to sustain value. Therefore it is time consuming and difficult. Consumer Dont Care We know that consumers have purchasing power; they dont communicate their desire for products that they want. There should be a change in the attitude of the consumers to maintain sustainability in social practices. IKEA has a very strong reputation for offering low price for quality products. There is no doubt that this policy has helped IKEA to gain competitive advantage over their rivals. It should demonstrate a strong will and tendency to promote innovation, philanthropy and sustainability. The company is facing issues related to its unethical practices. There is a special investigation going on for such practices. IKEA should start obeying all the laws and practices that are applicable in the country for conducting business activities. Because of horsemeat scandal company is losing its reputation among their customers. By the initiatives that IKEA is taking we can say that the company might significantly be able to improve its CSR practices to achieve long term goals. IKEA should try to maintain a value based culture to monitor their operations in various different countries. References Caramela, S. (2016). [Online]. What is Corporate Social Responsibility? Viewed 8 October 2016 from https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/4679-corporate-social-responsibility.html Edvardsson, B and Enquist, B. (2008). Values-based Service for Sustainability Business: Lessons from IKEA. Routledge. Idowu, S and Filho, W. (2008). Global Practices of Corporate Social Responsibility. Springer Science Business Media. Ikea.greentechab.com. (2015). [Online]. Process. Viewed 8 October 2016 from https://www.ikea.greentechab.com/process Johnsen, T, Howard, M and Miemczyk, J. (2014). Purchasing and Supply Chain Management: A Sustainability Perspective. Routledge. Knudsen, B, Christensen, D and Blenker, P. (2014). Enterprising Initiatives in the Experience Economy: Transforming Social Worlds. Routledge. Larsen, T. (2007). Managing the Global Supply Chain. Copenhagen Business School Press. Mares, R. (2004). Business and Human Rights: A Complication of Documents. Martinus Nijhoff Publishers. Mosher, M. (2016). [Online]. How to Really, Truly Integrate Sustainability into Your Business. Viewed 8 October 2016 from https://sustainability.com/our-work/insights/how-to-really-truly-integrate-sustainability-into-your-business Paetzold, K. (2010). 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Viewed 8 October 2016 from https://www.ukessays.com/essays/commerce/corporate-governance-and-business-ethics-of-ikea-commerce-essay.php Wadsworth, M. (2015) [Online]. IKEA exposed over child labour and green issues. Viewed 8 October 2016 from https://www.the-latest.com/ikea-exposed-over-child-labour-and-green-issues Werther, W and Chandler, J. (2010). Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility: Stakeholders in a Global Environment. SAGE. Wolf and Ruth. (2014). Empowering Organizations through Corporate Social Responsibility. IGI Global.

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Electrochemical Process of Anodizing Aluminum †Science Essay

Electrochemical Process of Anodizing Aluminum – Science Essay Free Online Research Papers Electrochemical Process of Anodizing Aluminum Science Essay In the 1920’s, aluminum quickly became one of the most important metals in the world due to its lightweight, strength, fabrication flexibility and durability. Shortly after, anodizing was developed to provide the alloy with an extremely hard, durable, corrosion resistant finish that was long lasting. After reading this paper, you will easily understand the anodizing process and why it makes for such a good finish on nearly all alloy metals. Anodizing also has many benefits with very few by-products and is very cost effective. You may ask yourself, what is anodizing and how is it accomplished? To simplify the process, anodizing is nothing more than an electrochemical process by which aluminum is converted into and aluminum oxide on the surface of a part. The process is fairly simple involving of an anodizing solution usually made of sulfuric acid. A cathode is placed to the negative terminal of a voltage source and placed in the solution, while an aluminum piece is connected to the positive voltage source and placed in the acidic solution. When the circuit is turned on, the oxygen in the acidic solution will be removed from the water molecules and combine with the aluminum on the part to form an aluminum oxide coating. The resultant finish increases corrosion resistance; increases wear resistance, can be colored through dying, and is also an excellent base for primer or other secondary coatings. Over the last few decades, many different types of anodizing processes have been developed, but there are three main variations used in aluminum anodizing. Chromic anodizing uses a chromic acid electrolyte to yield the thinnest coating out of the three main types of anodizing ranging from .05 to .1 millimeters thick. Chromic anodizing also reduces the fatigue strength of the aluminum less than the other three methods. Sulfuric anodizing produces a coating under 1 millimeter thick that is also more durable than a chromic finish. Sulfuric finishes produce excellent results from dyeing yielding deep and rich colors. The third common process is known as hard coat anodizing. An alloy with a hard coat finish will be the most resistant to wear and usually used in high wear situations. Anodizing is one of the few finishes that satisfy nearly all of the factors that should be considered when considering an aluminum finish. On of the most important factors is durability. Anodized products have an extremely long life span and require very little maintenance. Scars and wear marks from fabrication and handling are almost non-existent and a simple cleaning with mild soap and water usually returns the finish to its original condition. Another reason anodizing has become so popular is because of the many different ways and vibrant colors available to coat an alloy with. Coloring is typically obtained through two different methods. The first method is known as electrolytic coloring and is a two step method. After the alloy is anodized, the metal is immersed in a bath containing inorganic metal salt. Current is applied which deposits the metal salt in the base of the pores. The resultant color is dependant on the material used and the processing conditions. Commonly used metals include tin, cobalt, nickel, and copper. This process is the most versatile and the most technically advanced coloring quality. The second method, known as integral coloring, combines anodizing and coloring to simultaneously form and color the oxide cell. Integral coloring is the most expensive process since it requires significantly more electrical power to produce the same finish. Color coatings are very stable to ultraviolet rays and do not chip or peel. Currently, there are many color options and styles available with anodizing. However, anodizing offers the alloy to retain its metallic appearance unlike painting or powder coating. At first glance, anodizing may appear to be a very dangerous process. However, anodizing is very environmental friendly and relatively safe for human contact. Anodizing uses simple water-based chemicals that can be easily treated and release no harmful by-products. The liquid by-products are recycled and returned to the anodizing process. Solid by-products are separated and extracted for use in the manufacturing of aluminum, baking powder, cosmetics, newsprint, fertilizer, and water purification systems. The main by-product caused from the anodizing process composed primarily of aluminum hydroxide, some aluminum sulfate, and water. However, this by-product is harmless because it contains no significant amounts of heavy metals. Anodizing plants must be well ventilated and workers are carefully trained for acidic material use. Minimal protective equipment is needed and no expensive, heavy, safety equipment is required. Through many decades of work, anodizing has evolved into one of the best finishes available for alloy metals. It may be the durability of the finish, the unmatched adhesion, the vibrant colors, the extreme resistance to corrosion and wear, or the environmentally safe process used to obtain the finish. All of these qualities make anodizing the premier finish and sets the bar to which all other alloy finishes should be compared to. 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Petroleum Engineering Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Petroleum Engineering - Essay Example In simple terms, the task of engineers is to provide a link between ideas and physical reality (Lyons& Gary 12). Petroleum falls in the category of minerals used by people or humanity for many years. For a couple of decades ago, people used materials or minerals where they referred to them by different names such as oil from rocks, shining water, and sweat of devil. Some of the names have been in place for several years such as naphtha and petros (Lyons& Gary 17). In Greek, Petros stands for rock while in Roman it means oil or petroleum. For many years, surface springs and tar pits have been the only source of oil or petroleum. However, this argument has not been reliable because most people look for petrol beneath the earth’s surface. For instance, during 1859, Drake Edwin struck oil after drilling 69 feet (Lyons& Gary 22). On August 27, the year 1859, United States of America marked the origin of Petroleum and Oil industry (Lyons& Gary 24). Despite the fact that few people h ad participated in commercial sale of oil, Drake was instrumental in proving that production of oil could occur in large scale. Analysis of crude oil shows that the composition of crude oil takes has carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and sulphur. Carbon and hydrogen forms a big percentage in terms of composition of crude oil than nitrogen and oxygen. In terms of products, crude oil has the following products: hydrocarbon gas, petroleum ether, gasoline, kerosene, light gas, heavy gas and reside. All these products have different uses. For example, hydrocarbon gas finds its use as a natural gas while petroleum ether is a cleaner or solvent (Lyons& Gary 32). Petroleum occurs in rocks that are of three types, namely sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks. The classification is these rocks are according to origin as shown below. Igneous rocks originate from cooling and solidification process of magma in molten state. Magna results from the interior of the earth following eruption process. These rocks form almost 95% of the earth’s crust. They have a crystalline and hard structure with voids or pore spaces. This category of rocks consists of basalt, granite, serpentines, and andesite (Lyons& Gary 34). Sedimentary rocks forms the second classification of rocks used to produce petroleum. These rocks emanate from deposition of both inorganic and organic matter. Deposition of animal and plant fossils alongside igneous rock occurs in layers or strata. Sedimentary rocks fall further into three types, namely chemical, organic, and clastic sediments. Formation of clastic sediments is through deposition after a series of breakdown and transport. Clastic sediments mostly include breccias, sandstone, sands, gravels, siltstone, and marble. The second type of sedimentary rock is the chemical sediment that has mineral salts such as sulfate and chlorides. Lastly, the formation of organic sediments is through compaction process by wind, ice, snow, or rain (Lyons& Gary 39). Metamorphic rocks forms the last category of rocks that results from tectonic process in an environment that has elevated temperature and pressure. This environment changes the structure and composition of sedimentary and igneous rocks to form metamorphic rocks. These types include shales, marble, and quartzites (Lyons& Gary 40). Two groups of theories explain the actual occurrence